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A Bright & Shiny Future

A Bright & Shiny Future

Sudha a young woman from Jainagar block, Madhubani, has a humble background and stands as an inspiration to others. She needs no introduction in her Panchayat, as her work and achievements speaks for her.

Sudha has been fighting the odds, making things work not only for her family, but also for the other women and girls in the panchayat. She once worked as a labourer but is now a MGNREGA worksite Supervisor. Sudha aspires to do much more; she is passionate about seeing women become self-reliant and successful.

Sudha Devi’s father was also a labourer who supported the family until his death. After his untimely demise, Sudha had to look after her mother and her two brothers. It was tough to make ends meet because she had no other reliable source of income outside agriculture.

During 2015-2016, JEEVIKA, the State Rural Livelihood Mission, was expanding across Bihar. Sudha keenly observed how other women in her neighbourhood were able to improve their lives by becoming members of Self-Help Groups (SHGs). She joined a newly formed SHG in 2017. As an SHG member she gained confidence and could access financial linkages for livelihood. She moved up the ladder and became a member of the SHG Village Organization (SHG-VO) and the SHG Cluster Level Federation (SHG-CLF). She was regular at meetings at all levels. During one such meeting led by PCI at the SHG-CLF level, Sudha learned about the MGNREGS-SHG convergence and the state policy to provide women with opportunities to become MGNREGA Work-Site Supervisors. The opportunity immediately caught her attention. Later, the PCI team organised a full session for CLF members on the MGNREGA work-site supervisor opportunity. She asked multiple questions and cleared her doubts before applying for it.

Her credentials and her experience as an SHG leader helped her succeed. Sudha received classroom and on-the-job training at Jainagar block by BRDS (Bihar Rural Development Society), the implementing body for MGNREGA in Bihar. She learned about the different aspects of the scheme, including the entitlement of workers, formation of labour groups, measurements at the worksite and the importance of transparency and accountability.

After completing her training, Sudha was assigned to a MGNREGA work in her panchayat. She completed her first 13 days of MGNREGA work and received payment of Rs.3080!

Ever since she took the role of a Mate, Sudha has noticed a favourable shift in her social identity. She is gaining trust as the go-to resource person, for communities interested in MGNREGA work. SHG women feel comfortable sharing their current or future demand for work with her, as they feel connected. Her efforts were recognized by her CLF and JEEVIKA. Sudha was honoured for her work in the presence of a JEEVIKA senior management official.

Sudha’s journey as a MGNREGA worksite supervisor has empowered her to make changes in the lives of others by organizing, spreading awareness, extending entitlements, and helping others. She believes she has a promising future ahead of her.

Authors – Shashi Mohan (CRP – TA RDD) & Vivek Raj (Block Coordinator – TA RDD), Madhubani
Edits – Sonmani Choudhary (SPM – TA RDD)
Coeditor – Ronnie Clive Francis (Manager – Communications KM)

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