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Gender Transformative Model

About GTM

The Gender Transformative Model (GTM) program envisioned to support the implementation of Gender Operational Strategy (GOS) of the Odisha Livelihoods Mission (OLM) to integrate gender within the rural livelihood framework of the state. In 2019, PCI-India initiated its engagement with OLM to implement this model, with grant-in-aid from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) which aims to empower WSHG members to identify their vulnerabilities & address issues of gender-based violence in their private and public spaces and facilitate linkages for enhanced access to rights and quality of life.

Intervention Strategy of GTM   

  • Enhancing awareness, knowledge and solidarity among SHG women through Gender Self Learning Program (GSLP).
  • Facilitating ease of access to information, resources and government entitlements and provide firsthand counselling to GBV victims through Gender Facilitation Centers (GFC) at GPLF.
  • Activating and strengthening local capacity through gender forum meetings (GFM) and social action committee (SAC) to resolve GBV cases and re-enforcing gender equal behaviour and norms.
  • System’s Engagement through joint monitoring and review and convergence at GP, Block, District & State Level with the line departments.
  • Data driven decision making through Mobile app-based data collection and MIS Dashboard for program update, review and re-strategizing.

Reach of GTM:

The model which started with 8 Gram Panchayats (GP), 4 Blocks of 2 Districts in 2019, has now expanded to 1380 GPs, 64 Blocks and 30 Districts of the state. Gender Facilitation Centre (GFC) is the heart of the program to ease the process of access. It is a counselling cum referral center at the gram panchayat level for woman in distress to seek support.

The entire process of gender self-awareness has been packaged of GSLP to generate mass awareness among SHG members about their rights. Thirteen topics are segregated into four buckets of module for training and roll out purpose.

Gender Self Learning Program (GSLP) Modules