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Our unequivocal understanding of scale, what works across geographies, cultures and through various government systems and existing platforms puts us ahead in the curve for offering Technical Assistance to government run flagship programs.

We believe that any program can go to scale through Govt. or Market. We acknowledge that the Govt. is responsible, accountable, and capable of taking any program to scale, and we specialize in providing TA to the govt. for taking groundbreaking innovations to scale. We understand the way of working of the Government, value them and can build deep relationships with the Government counterparts to seamlessly work with them for taking innovative, efficacious, and feasible solutions to scale.   

An example of such an initiative is ‘JEEViKA Technical Support Program’ (JTSP) which was conceptualized to increase adoption of key health-nutrition-sanitation (HNS) behaviours by rural communities of Bihar. JTSP ensured layering and integration of HNS in the livelihood package of JEEViKA (Bihar Rural Livelihoods Project/Bihar State Rural Livelihoods Mission) through its community institutions (CIs). The promising result of this demonstration in 101 blocks of Bihar led to its scaling in 349 blocks.

The outstanding results of this strategy and intervention in Bihar have attracted several State Governments and the Government of India to scale up this approach in other states. PCI India is now extending similar support to multiple other states, including Uttar Pradesh and Tripura. In 2019, PCI received another grant to provide technical assistance to the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) to scale up HN integration in SHGs throughout the country and started its intervention in three states in India – Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Jharkhand.