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Our firm belief in the government systems and their ability to tackle development challenges has led us to work closely with them at the national and state level and develop trust and meaningful relationships.

We integrate our interventions with government programs to (ensure system strengthening and sustainability of the innovative, efficacious, and feasible solutions) take innovative, efficacious, and feasible solutions to scale and provide technical assistance to the Government for amplifying impact at scale.

As a Technical Assistance provider to state and national governments, PCI provides strategic support to the governments on both policy and implementation matters. Owing to its decades of experience, PCI’s well-defined approach to community issues provided the support needed by the government to achieve its strategic focus in practical terms.

PCI partners with government organizations and facilitate government partners to lead the community towards appropriate behaviour changes for better HN practices. Development of capacity building modules for the government on HN has been the forte of PCI India. A robust mechanism of community’s capacity building through roll-out of a series of social behaviour change communication (SBCC) modules from the platform of community institutions (CIs) and reinforcement of messages through community level thematic campaigns and household levels visits to the targeted beneficiaries prove instrumental for the government in guiding the community towards appropriate HN behaviour. As part of system strengthening, PCI India also builds the thematic capacity of government staff & cadres at various levels to effectively implement its programs.