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Strong MEASUREMENT capability

Our measurement system with advanced techniques, robust methodology and incisive analytical and visualization skills equips us to design better solutions, offer timely feedback, test and refine prototypes, assess program effectiveness, evaluate intended and unintended impact and generate high quality scientific evidence.

PCI India has established a strong concurrent measurement and learning (CML) unit as an integral part of the program team, the purpose being to provide evidence-based assistance in designing effective solutions and making course corrections.

An example of successful efforts in place is of the CML unit which supports the State Rural Livelihoods Mission and JTSP team in measuring the progress towards the envisaged outcomes of a state-wide Health & Nutrition intervention, as part of which PCI designs Behavioural Change Communication content on several themes viz. complementary feeding, maternal diet diversity, exclusive breastfeeding, etc. targeted at members of women’s self-help groups. The unit measures aspects such as reach, fidelity, quality, retention, one’s ability to recall the messages (assimilation), willingness to act upon knowledge (self-efficacy) and outcome of the intervention and provides feedback to improve the intervention design, operational efficiency, and cadre training.

The Strong Measurement plays a crucial role in applying insights gained from one project to other projects, thus helping improve the program design and implementation and quality of delivery across the organization.