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Contact Info
Dr. Sudipta Mondal
Senior Director - Measurement Learning and Evaluation

Dr. Sudipta Mondal is a seasoned Measurement, Learning, and Evaluation (MLE) specialist with over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector in India. Currently serving as Senior Director – MLE at PCI India, Sudipta has previously held several senior-level MLE positions in national and international agencies. He has a strong command of theoretical concepts and practical experience in applying diverse approaches for social and behavioral research and evaluation studies in the realms of public health, nutrition, gender, social norms, livelihoods, and social protection. Sudipta is an expert in developing evaluation frameworks for projects, programs, and policies and has led multiple evaluations encompassing experimental (RCTs), quasi-experimental (RDD, DID, PSM) designs. He is a firm advocate of mixed methods in social science research and prefers theory-based and participatory approaches in program evaluation. Sudipta holds a Master in Economics, M. Phil, and Ph.D. in Population Studies, and a Diploma in Management. He has presented his work at various conferences and published several research articles in top-tier journals.