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Morbidity Management and Disability Prevention Program

Lymphatic Filariasis (LF) is a neglected public health issue worldwide and it has been ranked as the second leading cause of permanent disability among the patients. The manifestations associated with LF are often very distressing and require special attention and care.

PCI is implementing a GSK funded project in two LF endemic districts of Uttar Pradesh, Unnao and Sitapur. The project aims to sensitize the government officials about morbidity management and disability prevention for the LF patients as well as create an awareness regarding the institutional treatment for the same among the community. The social mobilization aspect engages all the stakeholders to create a more sustained and effective movement towards prevention of LF and institutional treatment of LF patients in the community. A lot of advocacy initiates are being taken under this project with the government officials and functionaries to sensitize them about the disease and activate their channels to spread awareness among the community about the institutional treatment facilities. Local level social mobilization initiatives such as wall paintings, filaria samvads, rallies and drum beating are proven to be effective strategies in mobilizing communities to access treatment for disability prevention.