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Program Manager-Human Resource Management Technologies

Position Title: Program Manager-Human Resource Management Technologies
No of Position: 1
Reporting Line: Director-Strategic Partnerships & Systems
Location: Patna
Duration : 2 years (starting from October 2023)

About the Project:

Mission Karmayogi – the National Programme for Civil Services Capacity Building (NPCSCB), is designed to enhance and establish efficient governance through civil service capacity building. The aim of the Government is to prepare the Indian civil service for the future by ensuring that officials have the tools to be more innovative, proactive, professional, progressive, enabling and transparent.

Many initiatives are being taken under NPCSCB to create a competent civil service cadre that is rooted in Indian ethos, possesses a shared understanding of India’s priorities and works harmoniously for effective and efficient public service delivery. Mission Karmayogi has been operationalised through the iGOT (Integrated Government Online Training) Karmayogi platform.

The Framework of Roles, Activities and Competencies (FRAC), as termed within Mission Karmayogi’s iGOT platform, shapes the guiding principle comprising mapping of three constructs (roles, activities and competencies, supported by knowledge resources) for each individual position within all government ministries, departments, and organisations (MDOs) at the national, state and local level. Ensuring last-mile excellence is a key component of the capacity building initiatives envisioned under NPCSCB.

With large-scale development programmes like National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) being implemented by the Government, capacity building of the front-line workers and the facilitators engaged for delivering schemes and services assumes significance in the context of the goals of Mission Karmayogi. JEEViKA, India’s largest state level women’s socio-economic empowerment program, working directly with over 10 million (1 crore) families in rural Bihar has defined its vision 2030 for improving service delivery and ensuring meaningful livelihoods. A key part of this vision is the enhancement of JEEViKA’s organizational capacities.

To enable and support the attainment of the vision, a Goal-oriented Human Resource Management (GO-HRM) system is envisaged to be operationalised within JEEViKA with the support of external HR & technical agencies. A goal-oriented human resource management system will allow department to link their goals with well-defined targets for teams and individuals, map competencies required to fulfill these targets, and link capacity to performance management.

To support this effort, PCI under its systems strengthening strategies is extending technical support to JEEViKA in operationalising the entire process of GO-HRM’. The individual hired for the position of Program Manager – Human Resource Management Technologies, with responsibilities and qualifications as described in this job description, will support PCI’s work as part of this initiative.

Job Summary:
The Program Manager – Human Resource Management Technologies is expected to facilitate JEEViKA, in operationalizing GO-HRM and actively participate in execution of the technical HR roadmap of JEEViKA. The implementation of a GO-HRM system involves the development and deployment of technology platforms that enable officials to track progress, undertake continuous learning and grow professionally. The program manager shall, thus, ensure that such systems are fit-to-purpose and implemented in a time-bound manner.
In addition, the hired individual is expected to engage with external agencies to manage efforts and requirements for operationalizing GO-HRM. The individual will be required to ensure that the overall strategy, systems, and processes of GO-HRM are aligned with the requirements of JEEViKA to fulfill its vision of community-driven development.

Key Roles & Responsibilities:

a. Program planning, facilitation & Management:
1. Collaborate with HR & MIS leadership at JEEViKA & sketch the roadmap for the deployment of technology to operationalize GO-HRM in JEEViKA.
2. Facilitate the on-boarding and briefing of IT agencies on the concepts and requirements of GO-HRM and align them with the vision of JEEViKA.
3. Develop an action plan for the external agencies to work in JEEViKA for completing the envisaged task within the timeframe, and provide technical inputs and reviews on the deliverables prepared by the agency.
4. Facilitate data collation and provisioning between JEEViKA and the external agency.
5. Provide technical inputs to finalize methodology and tools for GO-HRM, JEEViKA workflow systems and APAR.
6. Provide regular guidance to the agencies for avoiding derailers and delays in successful implementation.
7. Facilitate the external IT agency in designing and developing comprehensive e-training programs that cater to various levels of professionals, from entry-level to leadership positions.
8. Integrate best practices, industry trends, and innovative methodologies into the GO-HRM process and ensure it to be developed as an exemplar model of human resource management for government departments.
9. Oversee development of E-HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems), JEEViKA workflow systems, and COMPASS (Competency based Open-source Management Platform for Assessing Skills and Success).
10. Facilitate smooth collaboration and knowledge transfer between the external agencies such that outputs produced by them are available for onboarding onto relevant platforms, discussing during review meetings, etc.
11. Facilitate the analysis of assessment results to inform JEEViKA officials regarding the emerging requirements for smooth functioning of JEEViKA.
12. Support the IT agency & MIS team within JEEViKA in development and maintenance of digital platforms that will be deployed for operationalization of GO-HRM.

b. Learning & Stakeholder Management:
1. Ensure smooth collaboration with MIS officials within JEEViKA and maintain cordial relationships at all times during the program.
2. Provide inputs to the JEEViKA leadership in identifying bottlenecks, benchmarking and adapting frameworks in the areas of Human Resource Management System, Learning & Development, Performance Management and aligning governance processes to the overall objectives of JEEViKA.
3. Collaborate with subject matter experts within JEEViKA to develop GO-HRM systems & e-capacity building materials which reflects the organization’s current policies, procedures, best practices and goals.
4. Maintain a positive and inclusive environment that encourages active participation and knowledge sharing during the entire program tenure among the stakeholders.
5. Collect feedback on a regular basis from JEEViKA officials and provide the same to the external agency for efficient program functioning.
6. Monitor the SCRUM phases and processes to ensure timely and fit-to-purpose project delivery.

c. Reporting and Analytics:
1. Generate regular reports on program effectiveness, participation rates, and competency improvements.
2. Utilize data-driven insights to suggest informed decisions regarding program adjustments as and when required.
3. Monitor and track progress against the envisaged goals for the success of GO-HRM and keep the JEEViKA senior management updated about the same.
4. Provide insights to the team all throughout the project tenure and support in preparation of a knowledge book, whitepaper for knowledge dissemination across the globe.
5. Lead and conduct a knowledge dissemination workshop at the end of the program.

d. Donor management and compliance
1. Submit the progress reports and attend briefing meetings and discussions with the donor representatives under the supervision of Director-Strategic Partnerships & Systems.
2. Assume accountability for the quality and timely completion of final deliverables.
3. Lead the donor-facing presentation and high-level dissemination of all final products.

e. Other responsibilities

1. To carry out any other relevant duties as required.

This job description is intended to provide a general overview of the position and may not cover every aspect of the role. Additional responsibilities and duties may be assigned as needed to support organizational goals.

Qualifications & Experience:

a. Academic Qualifications:

The ideal candidate shall have a minimum B.Tech/B.E. in information technology. Possessing a postgraduate degree (MCA/MBA) in IT would be an advantage.

b. Professional Experience:

The ideal candidate shall have:
1. A minimum of 8 years of experience in information technology for human resource management, competency development, performance management management.
2. Experience of working in at least 2 projects with similar scope (organization development / learning and development / performance management systems) either in the private sector or with a government.
Applicants with experience of working with governments (at least 1 project) on projects that required providing IT solutions will be given preference.

c. Skills and Attributes:

1. Strong knowledge of IT-based approaches for increasing organizational HR management.
2. Familiarity with approaches and methodologies for providing IT solutions for competency analysis and organizational development.
3. Proficiency in learning management systems and e-learning platforms, and associated change management approaches
4. Proficient in the Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and process mapping applications.
5. Knowledge of Sunbird, Oracle HCM Cloud experience (BI Reporting, workflows, personalisation, fast formulas, and extensions) required.
6. Strong people management & coordination skills.

7. Good analytical and problem-solving skills.
8. Excellent oral and written command in English & Hindi
9. Sound knowledge of database systems.
10. Familiarity with government styles of working – including their systems of communication, reporting, and execution.


Interested Candidates can apply for the position of Program Manager-Human Resource Management Technologies by 13th  November 2023.

PCI India is an equal opportunity provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability and/or marital status.

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

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