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Consultant-MLE Specialist

PCI is an Equal Opportunity Employer

PCI is committed to providing equal opportunity to all working for it and in creating an inclusive work environment. We respect the diversity of our people and follow a fair, non-discriminatory approach in terms of gender, age, nationality race, caste, religion, community, marital status, physical challenge, and sexual orientation.

We promote diversity in the workplace and ensure a culture of zero tolerance to any form of discrimination, abuse, or harassment whether sexual, physical or psychological.

PCI provides equal opportunity in recruitment, appraisals, promotion, and career progression. Our people policies are fair, objective, and non-discriminatory and everyone is expected to adhere to them.

About the Position

  • Job Title: Consultant- MLE Specialist
  • Number of positions: 1
  • Location: Remote
  • Remuneration: Competitive salary commensurate with experience
  • Type: Project Based (3 months starting from June 2024)
  • Qualification required: Masters/Doctoral degree in rural development/social/biological science or allied subjects
  • Experience required: -: Minimum 5 years of experience in research and MLE

Ability to handle and analyze large datasets

Experience of knowledge development and evidence generation in a reputed organization

Application closure date: 28th May 2024


The consultant will help, advise, and engage with PCI India in planning and executing analytical frameworks,  cleaning, formatting, managing and analyzing data engaging with the key team members.

The consultant will also conduct necessary literature review, at times systematic reviews to develop proofs of concept, scientific/methodological/statistical basis to build rationale of analytical processes

The consultant will work closely with the select members of the PCI Concurrent Measurement and Learning (CML) team headed by the Senior Director – Measurement, Learning and Evaluation, PCI India. The work includes a close review of the existing tools, programs, documents, available datasets, standard operating procedures regarding data management, analysis and interpretation available with PCI and its partners. The consultant may need to identify key thematic areas for developing analytical pathways, indicator matrix and statistical explanations with other team members of PCI. Basic analysis may have already been done; the consultant may have to undertake additional data analysis.

Based on the complete analysis of data, the consultant may need to develop final tables, formatted for scientific manuscripts, power point presentations, academic and programmatic syntheses and white papers as well as lay summaries and dissemination materials. There will be requirement of sharing all these materials with respective team members, management staff and eco-system partners to get review feedback and get them incorporated to finalize.

PCI will acknowledge the work of the consultant appropriately and offer co-authorship when the products will be published. However, PCI retains the rights of citation and fixing the order of the authorship.

Key Deliverables:

  1. Deliverable Set 1:
  2. i) Re-identifying appropriate journal and accordingly formatting the manuscript for the resubmission of the revised manuscript: “Diffusion of health and nutritional intervention effectiveness from Self Help Group members to non-members: an assessment in rural Bihar” and completing the resubmission
  3. ii) Reidentifying appropriate journal and formatting the manuscript: “Unravelling the multiplier effect of health and nutritional interventions through self-help group platforms and frontline health worker channels: the Bihar story of India” and the citations according to the journal requirements and submitting to the journal.
  4. Deliverable Set 2: 
  5. i) Reidentifying appropriate journal and formatting the manuscript: “Role of SHG members in JTSP blocks for strengthening family planning practices along with FLW-A joint impact” and the citations according to the journal requirements and submitting to the journal.
  6. ii) Reidentifying appropriate journal, revising the whole manuscript: “IYCF practices and its drivers among SHG members in JTSP blocks- Overall program as well as joint impact and diffusion of recommended practices” addressing all collaborators’ comments, finalizing the manuscript according to the journal and submittiong.
  7. Deliverable 3: Identifying appropriate journal for the manuscript developed on the “Swasthya Mitra assessment study“, formatting all tables and the text for the journal and getting it submitted after addressing all comments from the internal reviewers and collaborators on the manuscript.

Payment Milestone:

40% upon completion of 1st set of deliverables. by 15th June 2024

35%  upon completion of 2nd set of deliverables by 5th July 2024

25% upon completion of 3rd set of deliverables by 5th August 2024

Reporting to:- Senior Director-Measurement Learning and Evaluation


About the Project -– JEEViKA Technical Support Program (JTSP):

The JEEViKA Technical Support Program (JTSP) is a flagship program of Project Concern International (PCI) in Bihar, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In its earlier phase between 2015 to 2021, JTSP has successfully supported in the demonstration, layering and integration of health and nutrition, into the operational framework of JEEViKA (the Bihar Rural Livelihoods Society). JTSP has supported JEEViKA to deliver a range of reproductive, maternal, newborn and child health and nutrition outcomes, through an at scale social behaviour change package and has enabled JEEViKA’s transformation into a model State Rural Livelihoods Mission, which embraces Health and Nutrition into its overall mandate. The current phase of this work, called JTSP II, seeks to transition skills and capabilities to JEEViKA to drive HN strategies at scale through its systems and network of community-based organizations.

 What can you expect in PCI

  • A warm, inclusive and happy work environment.
  • Performance driven reward mechanism.
  • Best of class benefits with competitive remunerations.
  • Health Insurance coverage for self, spouse & Children.
  • Group Terms Life Insurance and Group Accident Insurance for Self.
  • All other statutory benefits.
  • Regular Recognition of performance and PCI Value display in work
  • An empowering organisation structure which values individual’s skills, competencies and potential.
  • Opportunities to operate in cross functional role.
  • Higher responsibilities and larger roles are merit based.
  • Young Talent Programs for developing future leaders.
  • Leadership roles for women is encouraged and given preference in selection and training.

Recruitment Process

  1. Applications will be shortlisted based on the specified criteria mentioned in the Job Description.
  2. Shortlisted candidates will appear for a written assignment (if required).
  3. Group Discussions may be part of the interview process for certain positions.
  4. The process could also include presentation of the assignment.
  5. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend one or more rounds of panel interview/s.

The complete process usually takes 2 to 3 weeks. Those moving to the final round of interviews will be hearing from the People & Culture team. We prefer in person meetings but in case of location distances, we are happy to meet you virtually.

After the final round, if you are not selected for the position advertised, we will inform you over a mail. However, we invite you to apply to other open positions. We always look forward to engaging with talent that add value to our endeavours in various capacities.

PCI is committed to prevent any type of unwanted behaviour at work including sexual harassment, exploitation and abuse, lack of integrity and financial misconduct.


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