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Position Title:                 Consultant

Reporting Line:             Sr. Manager – Strategy Design and Program Analytic

Location:                        New Delhi

Duration:                        20th Jan 2023 – 31st Mar 2023


PCI, a Global Communities Partner has been working in India since 1998 with the mission to stay Rooted in community realities and co-create and scale sustainable solutions to complex development problems. PCI envisions A happy, healthy, safe, and sustainable world for all.  PCI works with the government as well as social actors to create an enabling environment to improve and activate the social position of marginalized populations, especially women and girls, as well as strengthen convergent actions on the ground. Knowledge and evidence-based decision making, and data-driven management have been a trademark of our programs in India. For over two decades, PCI has maintained a diverse portfolio in India, with a presence in over 14 states, through the support of our donors and partners, we touched the lives of over 15 million people in FY 2022 alone. PCI is helping to ensure that millions of vulnerable women, children, families, and communities throughout India have the ability to advocate for, access and utilize quality health, nutrition, and empowerment services and information for generations to come.

Objectives of the Assignment:

The consultant will work under the overall guidance of the Sr. Manager – Strategy Design & Program Analytics to develop business proposals for key donors and program management of identified project in the Urban Livelihoods segment. The consultant will also assist the CEO’s Office in streamlining of ongoing business operations and conduct secondary research for case development for foraying into newer domains of expertise.

Scope of Work:

Based on the above background, the Consultant will perform the following tasks:

  1. Conduct secondary research for ideation and discussion of potential new domains for PCI to build its capabilities and skills to cater to a changing landscape
  2. Support the Sr. Manager in managing and coordinating high intensity, short term, project from a marquee donor in the urban livelihoods space in focused geographies within India
  3. Generate analytics and insights and prepare pitch document for potential donors
  4. Develop dashboards for the CEO office to track the key parameters for projects
  5. Improve upon existing identified list of indicators to track overall project performance (in terms of programmatic deliverables, procurement, HR, financial, etc.) with a focus on identification of concerns and bottlenecks
  6. Lead and assist the development of proposals for new business generation along with senior leadership of the organization

Key Deliverables and Outputs:

The key outputs expected from the consultant are as follows:

  • A pitch deck on the Urban Livelihoods program stating efforts and initiatives undertaken by PCI India and its partners
  • Ideation and vision board for two identified domains for new business development stating in clear terms
    • A plan to enter the segment, and
    • Skills & capabilities required
  • Development of business development proposals and related documents based on the requirements of the donor

Reporting Requirements

The consultant will report to The Sr. Manager – Strategy Design and Program Analytics, PCI India

Duration of the Assignment

The assignment is to be completed in 2.5 months from 20 January 2023 to 31 March 2023


Interested candidates can apply for the Position of Consultant by 20th January,2023 by 5:00 pm.

PCI India is an equal opportunity provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability and/or marital status

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