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Senior Program Manager – Swabhiman

Job Description


Position Name: Senior Program Manager – Swabhiman

Reporting to:  Head of Program Strategy

Number of Positions: 1

Location: Delhi


About Project Concern International:

PCI, a Global Communities Partner has been working in India since 1998 with the Mission to empower people to enhance health, end hunger, overcome hardship and advance women and girls. PCI, a Global Communities Partner, envisions a world in which the most vulnerable people will have the power to lift themselves out of poverty and to create vital, healthy lives for their families and communities now and for the future.

PCI works with the government as well as social actors to create an enabling environment to improve and activate the social position of marginalized populations, especially women and girls, as well as strengthen convergent actions on the ground. Knowledge and evidence-based decision making and data-driven management have been a trademark of our programs in India. For over two decades, PCI has maintained a diverse portfolio in India, with a presence in more than one-fifth of all districts in the country, reaching over 10 million people in 2019 alone. PCI’s health, gender, and community development programming focuses on low-income, vulnerable and hard-to-reach populations, especially adolescent girls, women of reproductive ages and children. By integrating its community mobilization and empowerment approaches into the government strategies and systems, PCI is helping to ensure that millions of vulnerable women, children, families, and communities throughout India have the ability to advocate for, access and utilize quality health, nutrition, and empowerment services and information for generations to come.

Please visit our website to learn more about our work in India.


Project Background:

The proposed program aims to identify 15,000 individuals (primarily women) from low-income households in urban slums as well as from rural areas to help them become successful micro-entrepreneurs. The program proposes to elevate these communities towards sustainable livelihoods and socio-economic resilience. Structured as an entrepreneurship development program, these selected individuals would be given a business appreciation and orientation training. The program will provide a comprehensive set of interventions ranging from capacity building training to business coaching and facilitating support services, and forward & backward linkages, over 18 months in phases. This approach will not only drive individual economic opportunity, but also supports in the Government’s mission of promoting sustainable livelihood, well-being, gender equity and augmenting income generation across these communities.


Job Description:

The Senior Program Manager shall work under the guidance of Senior Manager – Strategy Design and Program Analytics. She/He shall be responsible for the following:


  • Leverage institutional financing by networking with Development Finance Institutes, Banks, NBFCs and Government Agencies for a sustainable fund flow solution to the MSE businesses harnessed through the program.
  • Collaborate with various private and government partners to bring in respective excellence and best practices to make the intervention cutting edge and most effective
  • Landscaping, designing, and developing an implementation plan for the program for sustainable enhancement in the livelihoods of 15,000 individuals through various entrepreneurship opportunities.
  • Identify the existing best practices, goods, and services that can be promoted in different states and come up with scaling-up strategy on community-based models for livelihood promotion and strengthening micro entrepreneurs.
  • Leverage technological platforms for real time monitoring while retaining high touch engagement at the community level through on-site follow up, hand holding and eventually mainstreaming the micro and small businesses with the larger ecosystems of markets, supply chains and finance etc.
  • Facilitate states in building a multi-stakeholder approach for the entrepreneur roping in various other non-governmental partners and government line departments for capacity building, credit accessibility, improving productivity and market reach.
  • Perform any other related tasks consistent with the level of the post and/ or assigned by the Senior Manager- Strategy Design and Program Analytics


Key Responsibilities:


Overall Thought Leadership

  1. Be a part of the leadership team with a vision of managing and scaling Swabhiman Project.
  2. Contribute to designing the overall technical support in Swabhiman projects with the union and state governments and other organizations.

 People Leadership & management


  1. To support the Senior Manager – Strategy Design and Program Analytics to build systems, develop strategies and action plans for nurturing sustainable livelihoods and socioeconomic resilience interventions in focused states.
  2. To appraise performance and achievement of objectives of all members of their team in a regular frequency, advisably more frequent than annually. And, to mentor and coach their team members to help develop their career paths with suitable personal and organizational succession plans
  3. To ensure high motivation level among team members and promoting their urge to constantly innovate new strategies and approaches for WEE with increasing efficiency and effectiveness.
  4. Plan, prioritize and monitor the activities of the team members on a regular basis
  5. Implement and oversee capacity building opportunities and initiatives

Strategic Project Management

  1. Lead the finalization of methodology and tools of enquiry for landscaping and secondary research
  2. Lead the design and structuring of all major knowledge products (including research reports, situation analyses, instructional playbooks, Lessons Learnt Documents, workshop reports, etc.)
  3. Lead the decision-making related to short-listing of locations and enterprise models for deeper study, exposure visits required for representatives of individuals.
  4. Discuss and determine the key indicators of progress and impact of the project, data to be captured through the MIS and analyses to be carried out
  5. Lead the selection of and negotiations with external experts and define the scope of work of all such experts to be hired
  6. Identify best practices and lessons learned to guide program improvement and strategy planning
  7. Report any major or unforeseen roadblocks to senior management of PCI India to ensure that the project stays on course
  8. Work closely with program support team to ensure judicious use of project resources in compliance with organizational policies
  9. Manage grants and contracts of any partner or collaborating organizations hired by the technical team
  10. Support in managing and optimizing project operational procedures, partnership management, contract management in sync with evolving program strategies in close coordination with Senior Manager- Strategy Design and Program Analytics.


Stakeholder and Partnership Management


  1. Maintain excellent relationship and meaningful association primarily through and facilitated by the governmental and non-governmental organizations.
  2. Maintain and manage the channels of communication with Senior Manager – Strategy Design and Program Analytics to facilitate the smooth functioning of the project
  3. Ensure excellent communication and good working relationship with Government functionaries of different departments and other key players at the national and state level including other NGOs and civil society organizations. Also, on behalf of PCI and Swabhiman team, contribute in bringing in community perspective in the Government policies linked with women development, livelihood enhancement and support in operationalizing the same; and, actively engage and liaison select government departments and other development partners to promote and implement evidence based interventions
  4. Support building new technical partnerships with different national and international technical organizations and academia to improve overall technical capacity of PCI.
  5. Maintain excellent relationship with relevant staff of the donor in coordination with other members of the leadership team.


Donor management and compliance

  1. Submit the progress reports to and attend briefing meetings and discussions with the donor representatives
  2. Assume accountability for the quality and timely delivery of final deliverables
  3. Lead the donor-facing presentation and high-level dissemination of all final products
  4. Negotiate and interact with donors, identify, and analyse trends, opportunities, and threats to fundraising


Other responsibilities

  1. To carry out any other relevant duties as required.
  2. Provide technical input during development of any new proposal


Expected Competencies:


     Academic Qualifications:


The ideal candidate shall have a post-graduate degree/ diploma in business management (preferably agri-business management, marketing, financial management or rural management) or entrepreneurship development.


     Professional Experience:


  1. The ideal candidate shall have substantial experience of working (not below 7 years) with government and international/national donors and expertise in one or more of the following domains:
    • Urban and rural livelihoods,
    • small and micro enterprise promotion,
    • financial inclusion,
    • skilling and
    • employment generation.
  2. As project will involve interactions and engagements with multiple state government will dynamically increase hence the candidate should preferably have a deep experience of working as part for the government, with a special focus on managing relations with donors and bureaucracy, writing project reports, budgeting, and cost management.
  3. Candidates must have excellent written/ verbal communication, people management skills and project management skills.


     Skills and Attributes:


  1. Knowledge and experience with gender approaches and tools
  2. Good analytical and problem-solving skills
  3. Demonstrated ability to provide leadership in a highly motivated team
  4. Excellent oral and written English skills
  5. Knowledge of local languages is a plus
  6. Sophisticated digital literacy including word processing, database systems, and PowerPoint. Strong command of excel and budget management is a plus.




Interested candidates can apply for the position of Senior Program Manager- Swabhiman by clicking on following link:

Senior Program Manager – Swabhiman – PCI India ( by 30th March 2023, 5:00 pm   


PCI India is an equal opportunity provider and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability and/or marital status

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