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An unanticipated spate of diseases and deaths among children in and around Muzaffarpur district in the summer and post-summer months of the year 2019 called for immediate and integrated action. Later classified as Acute Encephalitis/ Encephalopathy syndrome (AES); the epidemic was attributed to several factors including high temperature, humidity, poverty, and malnutrition being the most discussed ones. Considering the need for community-level intervention; the state government decided to use the credible platform of JEEViKA SHGs to undertake a behaviour change communication campaign aiming to promote child health and nutrition and prevent similar epidemics in the future. Thus, a comprehensive behaviour change campaign for the prevention of AES was designed and is presently (in the summer and post-summer months of the year 2020) being implemented in Muzaffarpur. The interventions are based on the training of community cadre and awareness building inputs for community sensitization and preparedness against the epidemic. These include early identification of AES’s danger signs, early referral for better care for suspected cases, preventive aspects of acute childhood diseases including AES, and promoting better health and nutrition during childhood.